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It has been an honour to receive such valuable insight from both Academic, Business and Political Leaders and the Digital Cowboys. Our community thanks you for your contribution to this phenomena´ -Author, Pekka Viljakainen

The NO FEAR project was created to drive; new ideas, debates and learning for leaders in order to bring us all back to the GROWTH track. Please help us in our goal by providing feed back, new material and spreading the NO FEAR message through your networks.

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Your own powerplant?

About 8 years ago

In all honesty, I must admit that my personal carbon footprint has thus far outstripped my size 47 shoes. I’ve heated square footage I didn’t really need to heat and burned my share of kerosene. To quote my daughter, I’ve been “a problem for the planet’s future”. It’s not like I didn’t care. It’s just […]

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A brief look at Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Disney Animation

About 9 years ago

Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration Ed Catmull: “Management is creative activity, not controlling activity. I believe that managers must loosen their controls, not tighten them. They must accept risk, theymust trust the people they work with and strive to clear the path for them and always they must […]

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How the No Fear Generation is shaping Russia- an interview with Harvard Business Review

About 10 years ago

Yesterday the Bulldozer( aka Mr Viljakainen- No Fear’s Author) had another great interview with Justin Fox from HBR to discuss some of today’s most trending topics. One of which is of course- What’s really going on with the toilets it Sochi? Just kidding – What Justin was really had Pekka dive into was the reality […]

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No need to reinvent the wheel?

About 10 years ago

Many European companies have failed to generate organic growth. It’s not that growth isn’t important or that there isn’t any money to invest. The problem is that the methods used to guide a new innovation down the road from just an idea into a real pile of money are so limited. A corporate manager traditionally […]

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