10th Sep. '11

Video:Executive Interview-Claes Wallner: CIO Vattenfall AB

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)


Claes WallnerClaes Wallner is CIO of Vattenfall AB- One of Europe’s leading energy companies, supplier of heat and electricity.

As head of IT in a large organization Claes describes the competencies necessary to fully embrace the emergence of the PlayStation Generation in the work force. Claes argues that while they want to be at the head of their industry, like many other leaders he is not quite ready and must adapt to get the most out of this top young talent.

YOU MUST LISTEN to the QUESTIONS and give the RIGHT ANSWERS. Digital Cowboys cannot be bought with run of the mill CORPORATE PROPAGANDA. Yet these dynamic youngsters CAN and SHOULD learn a thing or two from the experience of previous generations as well.

The BEST companies can combine the competencies of the two when shaping their organizations  for the future.


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