18th Feb. '14

How the No Fear Generation is shaping Russia- an interview with Harvard Business Review

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

Yesterday the Bulldozer( aka Mr Viljakainen- No Fear’s Author) had another great interview with Justin Fox from HBR to discuss some of today’s most trending topics. One of which is of course- What’s really going on with the toilets it Sochi?

Just kidding – What Justin was really had Pekka dive into was the reality of the situation of How prepared is Russia really to compete and thrive in the global economy?”

In the interview Pekka sheds light and paints a much clearer picture of what are the benefits and the difficulties of entrepreneurship in Russia. What becomes obvious is that (in like most countries) the future of Russia will be in the “Hands of the boys( and girls) in batman t-shirts” – the Digital Cowboys of today, and the future leaders of tomorrow.

To give a really clear example here is a quote from Pekka

“I’m going to visit 28 cities in Russia this spring, meeting 400 to 2,000 people per city, young talents. And they’ll have Batman T-shirts on, they don’t give a shit about the politics, they just want to do business.”

Already nearly a month into the tour, Pekka has already met with thousands of Digital Cowboys ready to make their mark on not just the Russian but the Global economy. Check out some highlights below.



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