12th Jul. '11

Video: Executive Interview Arkady Dvorkovich-Аркадий Дворкович- Aide to the President of the Russian Federation

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

In this video Arkady Dvorkovich Аркадий  Дворкович, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation and a contributing author in the NO FEAR Book.  Responsible for economic affairs, both internal and international, he is the one to push forward President Medvedev’s plans of Russia’s economic modernization.In this interview he shares his insights on Digital Cowboys, as well as the future of leadership in Russia and the global arena.

Dvorkovich describes how the PlayStation Generation in Russia has had a unique opportunity to develop during a volatile transition period, giving them additional tools to adapt to the SPEED OF PROGRESS.

People who work with digital instruments have an increasing ability to influence policy practices. We must learn to adapt and use this cloud of information, because if we don’t, we will fall BEHIND THE PROGRESS.

By utilizing the top young talent, we can not only develop and catch up, but also become digital leaders in the global arena.

“REMEMBER EVERY DAY that you have to work with this NEW REALITY” – Arkady Dvorkovich

BIO: http://eng.state.kremlin.ru/persons/8

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/advorkovich

Chinese (non YouTube)version: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzAyNDIwMTQ0.html

You can read Arkady’s Insights on Leadership  and the PlayStation Generation in NO FEAR – Chapter 6: Places of magnificent growth and magnificent failure—emerging markets


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