25th Oct. '11

Video: Executive Interview Oz Sultan- Strategic Consultant

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

In this video we talked with strategic consultant Oz Sultan. With over 15 year experience in management consulting and marketing and technology projects, Oz helps companies bridge the gap between marketing and technology.  Recently he has specialized in helping companies develop management level strategies for the implementation and utilization of social media platforms.

During the interview Oz touched upon some significant opportunities and challenges companies are facing as a result of digitalization in the work place. He discusses a necessity in a shift in the HR structure, and how in his experience “We would work things ourside of the HR STRUCTURE, we would work things outside of  the CORPORATE STRUCTURE´´ Oz emphasizes that when it comes down to it “At the end of the day you need to keep the best people in the best positions´´

On the other hand, that while now there is sometimes a need to adjust and work out side formal corporate structures, leaders must maintain a certain level of authority with their employees.  ” You can support them, you can mentor and build them, but you CANNOT be their best friend!” This is especially true now when social networks and other forms of new media are implemented in organizations.

People have come to a cultural acquiescence point. New media allows people to tap across the silos inside of  an organization to become more powerful, to be empowered and engage with their executives in a way never done before”

For more information about Oz:
Visit his blog: http://fullerslaw.wordpress.com/
Follow him on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ozsultan



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