26th Oct. '11

Video: Executive Interview- Sandra Casey Buford

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

Dr Sandra Casey Buford is the director of diversity and inclusion at Massachusetts Port Authority.  Here she is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic and operational diversity and inclusion model. She has vast experience in both senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies as well as an international management-consulting firm, which she owned and managed.

In this interview Dr Buford brings insight from the public sector and how digitalization has changed the dynamic of diversity in the work place.  While she recognizes that the digital age has broken down many social barriers, problems can still arise within  real-time, face to face interactions where human nature comes into play.

She goes on to describe that especially during times of financial instability the tolerance for sub-par working conditions increases. The public sector in particular lags behind since people have the tendency to stay longer in their positions.  This will present even greater leadership challenges when the influx of young people come to positions of power.  A succession plan is needed in order to AVOID THE CHAOS THAT MAY ARISE AS YOUNGER PROFESSIONALS ATTEMPT TO LEAD OLDER WORKERS. Sandra states that companies must find a balance between the wisdom and decision making skills solidified by  the older generation and the creativity and fresh thinking the younger generation brings.  ”ITS INNOVATION MEETS EXPERIENCE”


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