8th Sep. '11

Video: Executive Interview Mark Mueller-Eberstein, Co Author and CEO of Adgetec

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

Following the launch of the Finnish Edition of “No Fear” in Helsinki, we caught up with Mark Mueller-Eberstein. The bestselling author and co-author of “No Fear” shares insights from the frontline as the CEO of Adgetec Corporation and partner of many Digital Cowboys and their organizations. As an expert on the impact of technology on business success, the new work styles and forms of organization that consumerization of Information Technology and the changes in society and work environment that mobile and cloud computing services drive. He is a contributor to many discussions including on our side: http://nofear-community.com/blog/2011/is-the-ipad-a-business-device-and-will-it-replace-laptops/

In this interview Mark really focuses on what makes the Play Station generation different from its predecessors. This generation does not have to follow, but chooses not only who to follow, but how to follow and how they engage and interact within the organizations they work in.  The people that are growing up right now have the digital world ingrained, it is nearly part of their DNA. They are shaping the landscapes around them. What we are seeing now for the first time  is that IT has become so easy  and so transparent that it has transcended generations, geographical areas and social levels.

As a result, Digital Cowboys  also call for a different style of leader. Described perfectly by Mark- “What makes a leader a leader is not a title but the inspiration and direction they can give for the people that want to follow them.´´

BIO:  www.mueller-eberstein.com
Follow Mark Mueller-Eberstein on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/markmeberstein and Facebook Fan Page
For More Insights from Mark, read also“Agility : Competing and Winning in a Tech-Savvy Marketplace”
Chinese(non YouTube) Version: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzA0MzE5MjU2.html


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