10th Sep. '11

Video:Executive Interview-Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels and Contributing Author

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)


Birger Steen is CEO of Parallels, the world’s leading enabler of cloud computing services and a Contributing Author of the NO FEAR Book.  In this interview Birger Steen clarifies, in his own words, some commonly used sayings in today’s companies. For instance from Birger’s point of view flat is not something which you necessarily see when looking at a companies Org Chart, but instead a state of mind which permeates successful organizations.

Birger further argues that through digitalization and the breakdown of cultural ad communication barriors everyone is becoming a minority. “EVEN IF YOU ARE CHINESE THERE IS STILL 85% OF THE WORLD’s POPULATION WHICH IS NOT ”. Regardless what country you are from you must face the reality of being a minority.“

The possibility of developing lifetime relationships, is one of the big benefits and may be one of the most profound impacts which social networks have had on business.  THE COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE THAT PLAYS A ROLE IN YOUR SUCCESS AS A PERSON AND AS A LEADER MAY START DEVELOPING 10 YEARS BEFORE THESE PEOPLE COME TO WORK FOR YOU.

Read more of Birger’s Insights in Chapter 6 of the NO FEAR Book

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