26th Oct. '11

Video: Executive Interview- Ravi Srinivasan

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

In this interview Ravi addresses the common misconceptions surrounding globalization and doing business with and in emerging markets.  He claims ” You cannot really generalize what emerging markets cannot do- or what developed markets can do’ Although, what has happened, is digitalization has provided a transferable aspect of doing business in global markets for both developed and developing economies. Where we can see developed market struggling is that, through their comfort have derived a natural predisposition to inertia or the status quo.  If something works today, or is believed to work the concept of self improvement has a tendency to fall short.  Ravi claims that this will be to our detriment- ” STANDING STILL IS NO LONGER AND OPTION” What needs to arise for a company to succeed in the international arena is a cohesive global corporate culture in combination with a distinct localization. NO FEAR does not mean plunge without thinking, but take calculated risks that lead to the outcomes which you expect. In order to do this you must never give up on self improvement, it is not a business strategy it is a STATE OF MIND.


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