25th Oct. '11

Video: Executive Interview- Ian Spector CEO of Mobiquitous and New York Times Best Selling Author

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

In this interview we talked with Ian Spector, founder and CEO of Mobiquitous LLC and founder of What is Awesome LLC.  A graduate from Brown University with a degree in cognitive neuro-science, Ian is now a member of the university’s Entrepreneurship Program’s advisory board. Before his graduation in 2009 Ian served as the program’s president.

The epitome of a Digital Cowboy, Ian first found success in 2005 after founding 4Q.cc, the website which created the Chuck Norris Facts meme.  The extensive popularity of the site fueled Ian to write four companion books, including ”The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 Facts about the World’s Greatest Human– a New York Times Best Seller.

In the interview Ian provides insight on how to extract the optimum potential from the new generation. Leaders must provide a certain amount of flexibility which is necessary to create the best atmosphere for creativity. As Ian aptly states ”You don’t make anything new or exciting happen by keeping people stuck in the same cycle over and over”. Although this may create an environment which people want to change, you DEFINITELY cannot ensure that they will want to change it within your company.

Ian argues that it is important when looking ahead to also learn from the past. ‘‘ FIND OUT WHAT DID’NT WORK FOR THEM” says Ian regarding the more seasoned generations. ”It is 2011 and presumably a lot of the problems we have encountered today have happened already in some other form.”

According to Ian companies need to learn to recognize problems and challenges within their company without people fearing retribution for their actions.  More importantly this should be emphasized as a possibility  for their employees no matter their standing in the company. PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ADDRESS THOSE WHO ARE ABLE TO GET THINGS DONE- WITH OUT JUMPING THROUGH BUREAUCRATIC HOOPS.

For more info on Ian and a little insight on Chuck Norris see:
bio: http://ianjspector.com/bio
twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/IanJSpector
website: http://www.whatisawesome.com/chuck/ 


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