23rd Aug. '11

Video: Executive Interview- Victor Orlovski, SVP Sberbank and contributing author

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

Victor Orlovski-Виктор Орловский is the SVP of Sberbank and contributing author of the NO FEAR Book. He is recognized for his expertise in the Russian and international finance and banking sectors.

Orlovski argues that at the end of the day it is not the products or services but the corporate culture which makes an organization successful. For the PlayStation generation the most important thing is the culture of change.  We must learn from the Digital Cowboys that we are in an ERA of CONSTANT and IMMEDIATE CHANGE.

We must also embrace the fact that the differentiation between the digital and non-digital life is dramatically decreasing. Orlovski goes as far as claiming that the most important thing he has learned from Digital Cowboys  is “There is simply NO WAY BACK– you have to move FAST and FORWARD.´´ The sooner you are there in the digital life with less distinction between DIGITAL and ANALOGUE the better prepared and more safe you are´´

The online world is still a NEW FRONTIER where the RULES are not set in STONE and can still be ELABORATED on.

For more insight from Victor Orlovski check out NO FEAR Book’s CHAPTER 5 -What I as an executive should change in my company, in practice.


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