10th Sep. '11

Video:Executive Interview Vinit Nijhawan-Managing Director, Office of Technology Developmentat Boston University

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

Vinit Nijhawan is the Managing Director, Office of Technology Development, and Director of Enterprise Programs at ITEC (Institute of Technology, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization) at Boston University.Vinit also teaches an MBA course on Entrepreneurship at BU. Vinit has over 25 years experience building five startups, at three of which he was the CEO

According to Vinit, that even during this period of change what remains constant is that people still look to leaders for direction. Granted, the style may be different but, AUTHENTICITY remains TIMELESS as a necessary trait for LEADERS.  A factor which has become even more profound when PEER to PEER communication is so wide spread.  IF YOU ARE NOT AUTHENTIC IT WILL SPREAD LIKE WILD FIRE.

For More  Information on Vinit and Boston University:
BU Profile: http://www.bu.edu/otd/about/teamvn/
Chinese (non YouTube) version:


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