8th Nov. '12

No Fear is Multi-Lingual

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)



We always had great vision for NO FEAR to be published in as many language as possible but we never though it would get this far. Profound talk about leadership is challenging even with your own, native language. And when we start to talk about true change in our behavior and habits, the whole game gets even more  challenging. That makes it also even more important that the team members can get views and food for thought with their on language.

From our original publications of English, Russian and Finnish the book has made GREAT linguistic progress. To date NO FEAR can now be read in : Finnish , English, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, German, French and Taiwanese with plans of more to come.  Our most recent French edition is hitting the shelves hard and is even having to hold its own with heavy hitters like Michael Porter.

In edition to spreading our multi-language message through print we at the NO FEAR Community are trying to reach out to people in as many languages and cultures we can. To do so you can find a different language page for each version of the book and you can find all our location based listing for the books from our order page here : www.nofear-community.com/order

If thats not enough for you, we now publish all our social media updates in multiple languages and you can follow our author Pekka Viljakainen on twitter in the following languages:



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