12th Sep. '11

Video:Executive Interview-Andrei Volkov, Dean at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo

A post by Sabrina (No Fear community coordinator)

Andrei Volkov is the Dean of Skolkovo Business School, a major player in the No FEAR project.Dean since its founding in 2006, Andrei was a part of the team that developed the SKOLKOVO concept. With a background in nuclear physics, Volkov has already spent 22 years in the academic field working on restructuring education programs in Russia.

``The WORLD has completely CHANGED´´ Volkov states. We are witnessing a dramatic change and at the same time facing a struggle in numerous organizations, especially bureaucratic ones, where there is a desire to structure or confine things to the way they were done in the past.  He claims that “Generally speaking I believe university systems as well as professional development systems are in a DEEP CRISIS, not only in Russia but globally, especially in developed countries.”

The PlayStation generation is driving a REVOLUTION of the current system. They no longer trust universities and the classical education approach in the way people did in the past.  They must be allowed to join us in defining the current projects and strategic horizons of organizations.  This way Volkov hopes the Skolkovo project can “make a difference, not only as a knowledge provider, but as a central part of future development in Russia.”

For More Information on Andrei and Skolkovo:
Skolkovo: http://www.skolkovo.ru/public/en/
Chinese(non YouTube version):


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